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It’s difficult to put the last two years of marriage to James into words. I can think of some though… It may seem trite, but one of the first words that comes to my mind is the word easy. Being James’ wife is just as natural as breathing for me and while I will never discount the effort, intentionality and courage that a healthy marriage requires of each of us, I would be lying if I said that the first few years of marriage have been hard or difficult as many people warned us it would be. I think that we were lucky in that we met many of our growing pains and worked through them prior to getting married, also a little pre-marital counseling never hurt anyone;) 

Marrying James was a simple and easy decision to make because ultimately I knew that by us joining our lives together that we each would have more freedom to be our most authentic and best selves. 

Sacrifice and dying to myself for another person – or let’s face it – just even thinking about another human beings needs over my own, is a challenge many times because I am a human. Yet, I have never received more joy from pressing into either of those things with another person than I have with my husband. Even conflict and trials become opportunities to know each other more deeply than we had before. Every moment in our lives is an opportunity to know each other more intimately and discover something completely new about the other person. The mysteries are endless and I truly treasure that aspect of our relationship. 

Okay so maybe it’s not too difficult for me to use words to describe how I feel about our marriage. Clearly, I could go on for quite some time but instead I’ll let a few of my favorite moments from our wedding day and over the past two years speak for all of those things. 

We are so lucky to have such talented friends that know how to make us look like the idyllic selves that we wish we actually did look like all the time (obviously we are not talking about you, Dan!). Our beautiful and talented friend, Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios, captured not only our wedding day but so many special moments for us over the past two years. 

Here are just a handful of my favorites. I seriously have hundreds, I’m not even joking. 
Happy Anniversary James, thanks for letting me be your wifey- it’s the best part of my life and the best part of who I am. I love you!





Hanging out in Soho and walking along the cobblestone we decided to try our hand at some Street Style shots! We are obviously obsessed with leather this season and couldn’t wait to pair with our favorite fall pieces.


K & B

photography by: Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios



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